Kiernan Shipka Reminisces About All the Kids Who Played Bobby Draper; Awwwwwws Ensue

Photo: AMC

Had cool boots! Ate sugar packets! Loved football! Kiernan Shipka posted a list of memories of the eight teeny-tiny Bobby Drapers who played her onscreen brother on Mad Men through the years and dear god, is it cute. There’s Bobby No. 2: “Aaron Heart liked M&M’s … a lot. He also had some pretty cool boots.” Or Slurpee Bobby: “Most people call the Bobby from the episode ‘The Wheel,’ ‘Slurpee Bobby.’ After 30 minutes of taking pictures, he was done-zo. His mom kept bribing him with slurpees from 7-Eleven. By the end, she must have owed him a lifetime supply.” And our favorite, Bucket Head Bobby: “A little known fact is that this Bobby was an entirely different Bobby. He was anointed “Bucket Head Bobby.” We didn’t really bond, because we only worked together for a few hours. He seemed chill.” Each memory is so darling, it will make you want a Bobby of your own. It will also make you want a Bucket Head Bobby spinoff. Bucket Head Bobby as an adult man, struggling to find his place in the world, haunted by his dark past, constantly running into lampposts and low-hanging tree branches and falling down the stairs.

Kiernan Shipka Looks Back on the Bobby Drapers