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Kim Kardashian Is Going to Publish a Holiday Edition of Selfish, Because the Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself Is Money

Will she put on a Santa hat?

Were you just thinking you needed some Kardashian-themed stocking stuffers this holiday season? Entrepreneur Kim Kardashian-West is always one step ahead of you. In an interview with Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley, she discussed the success of her mobile game, how she doesn’t like Thanksgiving food (gasp!), and the new edition of her selfie book, Selfish. “Now I absolutely think your selfie book was wonderful,” said Talley, no doubt while wearing a grand cape. “Will there be another book coming up soon? Another inspiration?” “I’m going to do a holiday edition with just a new picture on the cover,” Kim replied. “There might be a few more photos inside. But for a whole different book, I … I don’t have anything in the works right now.” “Oh, that’s great!” he oozed. “A holiday edition, that’s great. That’s fabulous.” “Yeah, I’m excited,” she said.

Kim K to Publish a Holiday Edition of Selfish