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Larry David Hasn’t Picked Up the $5,000 He Got for Calling Donald Trump a Racist, Which You’ve Been Doing for Free for Months

Actor and writer Larry David arrives for the American Theatre Wing's 69th Annual Tony Awards at the Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan
Larry David. Photo: EDUARDO MUNOZ/Corbis

Last week, the advocacy group Deport Racism offered a bounty to any audience member who heckled Donald Trump during his stint on Saturday Night Live. On Saturday, Larry David took them up on it: In a scripted bit during the show’s opening monologue, America’s most popular Bernie Sanders imitator called Trump a racist, then explained, “I heard if I did that, they’d give me $5,000.” The next day, Deport Racism held up its end of the bargain, announcing that David’s outburst, which had Trump’s full knowledge and cooperation, still counted: “Joke or not, it’s true.” But even though $5,000 is a pretty, pretty, pretty good amount of money, Deport Racism told CNN on Thursday that David has not yet responded to any of their attempts to give him the check. If he doesn’t want it, the group says it is considering donating the money to Bernie Sanders, a result that is not likely to curb the enthusiasm of any of the Vermont senator’s supporters.

Larry David Nabs $5000 for Heckling Donald Trump