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Larry David Played Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live Again, Because He Listens to the Will of the People

The American people might have thought that Bernie Sanders’s campaign was a one-debate-and-done deal, but whaddaya know, after his strong showing in SNL’s last Democratic Party debate the polls came in and they were nearly unanimous: America needs Bernie. Or rather, America needs Larry David’s impression of Bernie. The show brought David back for the cold open — and a brief appearance as a heckler during Trump’s monologue — proving that America’s favorite curmudgeon can really upstage anyone, even Kate McKinnon’s finely tuned Hillary, even Donald Trump at his Trumpiest, and, well, Martin O’Malley who? (Sorry, Taran Killam.)

Hey, even if Sanders never gets the presidency, David can certainly fund a few home renovations with this SNL cash.

Larry David Played Bernie Sanders on SNL Again