orange is the new black

Matthew Weiner to Direct an Episode of Orange Is the New Black, Offer Inmates a Good Deal on Those Leftover Mad Men Cigarettes

BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea 2015
“Orange,” Don Draper says, eyes glimmering with tears, “Is the new black.” Photo: Paul Archuleta/2015 Paul Archuleta

Matthew Weiner, known for his ability to depict women in the metaphorical prison of 1960s misogyny, will move on to depicting women in the literal prison of prison. In his first post–Mad Men project, Weiner will direct a season four episode of Orange Is the New Black, according to the The Hollywood Reporter. This is the first time Weiner has directed a project that he didn’t write, though he will surely make his mark known somehow — perhaps a flashback will reveal that an inmate was a secretary at Sterling Cooper, or Piper and Alex will drop acid and spend the episode rehashing their relationship in a dream sequence, or Suzanne will watch a coke commercial and ache with longing for a familial happiness she’ll never achieve (and then a sudden jump cut will reveal that she actually wrote that coke ad). Weiner, who is a friend of Orange Is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan, joins a murderer’s row of directors that have worked on the series, including Jodie Foster, Nicole Holofcener, and Allison Anders. He is definitely not giving up any spoilers.

Matthew Weiner to Direct an Episode of OITNB