The Mindy Project Almost Did a Story About How Hard It Is to Get Into Hamilton, Because Mindy Understands Your Pain

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Hamilton’s a runaway hit on Broadway, which means that Hamilton playbills are the new status symbols of the rich, the very-connected, or the willing-to-stand-in-line-for-ages. There are those who haven’t gotten the chance to nab one of those most precious trophies, however, and it looks like Mindy Kaling understands the pain. In a response to a question about the musical during her Reddit AMA yesterday, Kaling revealed that the writers room of The Mindy Project considered doing a story about the class divisions produced by the phenomenon:

I am so excited about Hamilton. Tommy Kail, who directed it, is an old friend of mine from New York who is insanely talented and great. It’s such a phenomenon that we were going to do a story about it on the show. Basically Morgan finds a Hamilton playbill in the trash and someone sees him holding it and suddenly he becomes very high status. So this Hamilton playbill becomes his most prized possession because everyone thinks he’s this classy, tuned-in, rich art-loving guy. Then he loses it and he goes back to his regular life. Flowers For Algernon but with a Hamilton playbill basically.

Okay, but when do we get to see Chris Messina rap “Guns and Ships”?

The Mindy Project Almost Did a Hamilton Plot