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New Force Awakens TV Spots Have More New Footage: A First Order Salute

On November 8, the first official TV spot for Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit Twitter. It is 30-seconds long and features yet more footage from the movie, including a new shot of Rey. If, like us, you’re bent on seeing every possible frame of the upcoming film, check it out below:

ABC also unspooled another (longer) TV spot November 12, showing, among other things, that John Boyega was not just messing around — he’s got moves:

And on November 15, another TV spot made its way across the internet like the Millennium Falcon shooting across the Kessel Run — and, what’s that? Yes, there’s even a brief glimpse inside the Millennium Falcon with Rey and Finn at the helm.

Yet another TV spot dropped Wednesday. This time we learn a bit more about Finn. “You don’t know a thing about me,” he grumbles. It’s true! We really don’t!

Did you worry that there wouldn’t be shots of X-Wing fighter pilots chatting during a mission in The Force Awakens? Your fears were unfounded! At least according to this new footage.

And during the AMAs, Disney was kind enough to gift the world with yet another Force Awakens peek. This time, we got a closer look at the General Hux–run first order. That’s one very intimidating salute.

New Force Awakens TV Spot Has More New Footage