Nickelodeon Is Making a Hey Arnold TV Movie; Millennial Parents, Rejoice

Photo: Nickelodeon

You’ve spent the past eleven years tortured by the unanswered questions left behind when Hey Arnold ended: Will Arnold learn more about his deceased parents? What’s his last name? What is with Stoop Kid, anyway? Probably some other questions like that, I imagine. Luckily the queries that have tortured you for over a decade will be laid to rest. Variety reports that Nickelodeon is developing a Hey Arnold TV movie that will pick up right where the eight-year run of the series left off. The movie is part of the network’s ongoing effort to connect with fans of ‘90s Nick, so it stands to reason, if reviving Hey Arnold turns out to be a success, all our nostalgic TV demands will be indulged. In which case, Lori Beth Denberg will be back on TV. And then I will finally experience happiness.

Nick Developing New Hey Arnold TV Movie