Paul Reiser Wants to Introduce Johnny Carson’s ‘Tonight Show’ to a New Generation

Paul Reiser is working on a mysterious new project in hopes of getting the younger generation into Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reiser has teamed up with Carson Entertainment Group on a project that will include footage from Carson’s years as the host of The Tonight Show, though not much else is known on the collaboration yet aside from it involving “an unprecedented level of access to the Tonight Show library.” The format of the project has not yet been revealed, but THR reports that Reiser is working alongside his producing partner Craig Knizek and former Mad About You writer David Steven Simon on a script.

“As a comic, there was no greater honor than getting Johnny Carson’s approval, and having been a frequent guest on his show, I came to appreciate first-hand his singular skills, and just why he was the king of late night TV in a way that has not, and likely will not, ever be equaled,” Reiser said on the project. “That the Carson company has given us their blessing and entrusted us to share the legacy of the Tonight Show means the world to me. For so many of us, Johnny was a huge part of our life for so many years. So I am excited to not only revisit that time with them, but also to introduce that show to a whole new generation.”

Paul Reiser Wants to Introduce Johnny Carson’s […]