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There’s Going to Be a Lot More Quicksilver in the Next X-Men

Nice hair. Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

When Fox’s X-Men: Days of Future Past hit the big screen last year, Quicksilver, the mutant with a penchant for traveling at superhuman speeds, notably became the film’s breakout character. Director Bryan Singer clearly did the necessary homework, as Evan Peters (not to be confused with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who plays Quicksilver in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron) told Deadline in a recent interview that not only will his character be back in X-Men: Apocalypse, he’ll be back in a much more significant way. “It’s the biggest X-Men film. It’s about the apocalypse, so the scope of the film is huge,” he said. “The story is that my character is searching for his father and wants to find him. It starts there and then he jumps on the X-Men train and gets sucked up in this whole Apocalypse madness: He tries to stop him from destroying the world.” That father — assuming they keep to the comics, which Days heavily implied they were — is Magneto. Michael Fassbender playing your father? Not bad!

Prepare for Lots of Quicksilver in X-Men