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Puff Daddy Shares Surprise MMM Behind-the-Scenes Documentary, Filled With Very Puffy, Very Inspirational Quotes

Tied to the surprise release of MMM, Hip-Hop’s Man of Many Names has also surprise-released a companion, behind-the-scenes piece. The 14-minute gift plays like a celebrity game of I Spy, intercut with making-of vignettes and no dearth of motivation straight from the music mogul’s mouth. (The latter of which might make you feel lazy, but can also be used as a how-to guide for becoming more productive.)

Watch Armani Ortiz’s whole mini-doc above, and revisit some of the rapper’s most classically inspirational moments, time-stamped below, to get a peek into the mindset that led to MMM:

  • “Y’all gonna have to have goals, man. I’m trying to be great — you’re moving like average human beings. I didn’t come here to just fucking die. I came here to live, man. Change the world and be great. I need more, more, more, more, more — I need more than anybody […] I want to be the best, you guys don’t want to be the best, man. You’re being average. You think you’re doing something that nobody’s doing? Real talk.” [0:05]
  • “I’m not the guy like Kanye West … what you see is what you get. I just like to dance in my living room.” [1:31]
  • Quick set of Diddy-ups because you can never forget about fitness. [2:38]

  • “I’ve come here. God sent me here to show you that we can get it. I said we.” [4:18]

  • Making air piano look easy. [5:24]

  • His extended, well-received impression of Lonnie from I Love You, Man. [6:02]

  • “You know, you can’t count me out. I. Am. Like. A. Ghost. You know already! You know it was almost time!” [7:55]

  • “What’s my saying? Stay close to the money, right? … Where the fucking billionaires at? … If you ain’t inspired by that — that’s what I do. Where are the motherfuckers that got the most money and are doing the most shit to change the world? Put me close to the money. I want it all.” [8:55]
  • “Ain’t nobody wanna clap with me? Ain’t nobody got no hands?” [9:51]

  • The walk. [11:26]
  • Everything in the last two minutes, but especially the discussion of hats and: “Only the song survives, son. Even when I’m gone … my song’s gonna be here. Only the song survives — believe that, Jack. That’s why I only make smashes.” [13:33]

  • Also, his shirt at the very end, which is its own work of art. [14:04]

You can listen to the results of the sessions and stream MMM in full, here. Then, once you’ve been thoroughly inspired, go out and conquer like Diddy.

Diddy Shares Surprise MMM Behind-the-Scenes Doc