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The Force Awakens Gets Its Own Holiday Special

Has there ever been a more glorious blemish on a franchise than 1978’s Star Wars Holiday Special? While the world was still in the grips of Star Wars mania, CBS aired a legendarily insane 90-minute tie-in show — one so completely bonkers that George Lucas spent decades doing everything in his power to make sure it never saw an official home-video release. His fear was understandable: The Holiday Special featured such off-brand spectacles as a performance by Jefferson Starship and a bit where Bea Arthur talks to a giant space-rat. But guess what, folks: Lucas isn’t in charge of Star Wars anymore. So, in honor of The Force Awakens’s new direction for the Star Wars franchise — and in honor of the impending holiday season — we proudly present our imagining of Star Wars: The Holiday Special Awakens.

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The Force Awakens Gets Holiday-Special Treatment