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Retro Star Wars: The Force Awakens Posters Send Powerful, Nostalgic Message

’The Force Awakens.’

As we approach the month of Force Awakens, the Star Wars hype machine is still tirelessly gunning at full speed. But at least it’s doing so with a never-ending list of fun, cool (good job, Disney) ideas: Over the long weekend, IGN received three throwback posters, which have been made to resemble A New Hope’s 1977 one sheets — that is, made to emotionally manipulate you and pump you way the heck up. That’s because, as the Verge points out, these posters directly pair this forthcoming trilogy with the original (sorry, Episodes I, II, III), visually and symbolically:

The original posters, for comparison, can be seen here, here, and here. Return to form? We’ll see — and soon: The new trilogy kicks off in less than three weeks, with what will surely continue to be no dearth of homages.

Retro Star Wars Posters Send Nostalgic Message