We’ll Never Know If Rita Ora Slayed ‘Hello’ Better Than Adele Did

The phantasmagoric Rita Ora stopped by Capital FM studios to promote some song with Sigma that you’ve never heard, which we guess means the “Body on Me” press tour is over. The important thing about this visit, however, is that Ora was asked to sing a cover of Adele’s “Hello.” And perhaps knowing she couldn’t match the vocals, or better yet, knowing she could quite possibly blow Adele out of the water and rip open the time-space continuum, Ora sang the song in … a foreign language. That she made up. On the spot.

Maybe she was better than Adele! Who will ever know?! This will go down as music’s greatest mystery since the disappearance of Frank Ocean in the summer of 2015.

Rita Ora Maybe Slayed ‘Hello’ Better Than Adele?