The Rock and His Girlfriend Are Having a Daughter, Probably Not Named Pebble, But Can You Even Imagine?

The “Dwayne Johnson” Rock announced on Instagram this morning that he and longtime girlfriend Lauren Hashian are having a daughter. He wrote in the post: “I was raised by and live with amazing and strong women so the universe felt we needed one more … IT’S A BABY GIRL!!” Cute. Also cute is the image of the tiniest possible living human crawling on the Rock’s muscles, as if she were an ant and his muscles a pile of stale bagels. Cute! Considering the Rock had an opportunity to name a kid “Pebble” before and instead named her Simone Alexandra (a nice name!), this new baby will probably not be named Pebble. But who are we to judge, as we’ve never named a child Pebble either. Makes you think.

The Rock and Girlfriend Are Having a Daughter