Scream Queens Recap: Head of the Table

Scream Queens

Season 1 Episode 10
Editor’s Rating 5 stars
SCREAM QUEENS: L-R: Guest stars Julia Duffy and Jerry Leggio, series stars Glen Powell and Emma Roberts, guest stars Alan Thicke, Chad Michael Murray and Patrick Schwarzenegger in the

Scream Queens

Season 1 Episode 10
Editor’s Rating 5 stars
Jerry Leggio, Julia Duffy, Glen Powell, and Emma Roberts. Photo: Patti Perret/FOX

I mean, of course it was Gigi’s head that was served on a platter on Thanksgiving Day. Was that really a surprise? I will give bonus points to Nasim Pedrad for the amazing expression on her sallow puss when it was served up as the main course, but the reveal was totally predictable. Has anyone ever seen one of those electric turkey carvers in real life? No. They are only seen in horror movies or maybe the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but no one’s Uncle Fred actually uses one on the fourth Thursday in November. As soon as it showed up, I knew she was a goner.

What I love about this episode is that it’s basically what fans of the show (and all of us in the comments of these here recaps) have been doing for weeks now, trying to figure out who the final Red Devil killer is. Now that Gigi and Boone are disposed of, she (or maybe he) doesn’t have anyone else around who could possibly ruin her cover. What was a little bit disappointing about this, however, is that we didn’t really get any new information. The characters mostly go over events that already occurred.

That’s not entirely true, though. We did learn one big bombshell: Wes is Boone’s father, which means he’s also the father of the other twin that was born in the bathtub. Other than that and Chanel Beige’s bathroom issues, we only learned about everyone’s killer theories.

Dean Munsch thinks that it’s Chanel Beige because she’s Charles Manson’s daughter, she saw her running around looking sweaty the night of the chainsaw attack in the Kappa house, and because she’s sort of disaffected and weird. Chanel Beige, in turn, thinks that Dean Munsch is the killer  because she can prove that she had killed before. Chanel Beige caught her eating a baloney sandwich, which proves that she isn’t allergic to the mystery lunch meat, which means that she is the person who killed her ex-husband and framed his new wife. But Chanel Beige never connects Dean Munsch to the other crimes.

Wes shocks everyone by saying that he thinks that Grace is the killer. His evidence? She was the only one who knew about that crazy lady from the trailer park who turned up dead at the haunted house, and she was the only one who wasn’t buried the night Deaf Taylor Swift was murdered. Once he starts, everyone else piles on, adding opportunities and motives until she looks guilty, or at least as guilty as the first person arrested on an episode of SVU. But seriously, how could someone who has such foul taste in headgear be responsible for a massive plot of revenge? It couldn’t be. It is just too obvious.

Oh, I totally forgot about the other bit of new information: Grace was in the Kappa house a year earlier ,when Melanie Dorkus got her near-fatal acidic spray tan. Apparently, she was checking out the school to see if she wanted to go there, then just wanders into the Kappa house unannounced in yet another ugly hat because they don’t lock their doors or even bother with a pretense of security.

Now that we know Grace’s mom isn’t the one who died in the bathtub, though, her motive doesn’t make much sense. Her Kappa sisters think she wants the Red Devil to be the worst thing that happened to the sorority, so everyone forgets about her mother lording over that deadly party, but that seems like more of a stretch than yoga pants feel the day after Thanksgiving.

Pete tries to blame Wes for the murders. He says that Wes knew all about the Kappa tunnels because he was down there for a keg party twenty years ago — which he claims not to remember — and then he trots out the fact that he was Boone’s father, which could totally be a lie. Right now, we only really have Pete’s word to go on. He also has footage of Wes breaking into the wormhole of a meat locker where the bodies keep disappearing. Wes says he did that because he’s poor and on the Paleo diet and needed to steal all the meat the sorority girls never eat. Yeah, sorry, but anyone who is on that stupid CrossFit cult fad could certainly be an insane serial killer.

I thought it was funny that no one points out how Chanel No. 5 could easily be the killer. She’s one of the few women left alive, and we really don’t know much about her. She shows up at the Kappa house after going home only to find out that, oops, her family is in the Maldives and they never told her. Do you think she could have been off murdering Gigi? Like Chanel Beige says, Chanel No. 5 sure comes back a whole hell of a lot for a girl who has quit the sorority as many times as Kenny has died on South Park. It all looks very suspicious, and all those times the Red Devil almost killed her provide a really solid alibi.

I was thinking that everything we learned in this episode only furthers my ridiculous theory that Pete is the girl baby in the bathtub, who is actually transgender. As someone pointed out, the only person other than Grace to know about the crazy lady in the trailer was Pete, and he wasn’t buried up to his neck the night Deaf Taylor Swift was mowed down, either. (That means nothing, though, because it could have been Boone riding that John Deere, or it could have been the other killer.)

Just as Grace was on campus the year of Dorkus’s spray-tan attack, Pete was too, because he is a sophomore. Was he stalking Chanel that year before not because he was in love, but because he wanted to get close to the sorority house he planned to take down? Also, when he showed up late for dinner out of nowhere, he could have been murdering Gigi. Finally, we know nothing about Pete: Where he’s from, who his family is, or where else he goes aside from the Kappa house and that coffee shop where he works. It is all fitting together, people!

Now that we know Wes is the father of the twins, I don’t know what this means. Are Pete and Grace siblings? Wouldn’t Pete know this if he is the killer? And wouldn’t that be really gross? They were making out, so yeah, it would be.

The only other thing we have to talk about is that Hester’s neck brace saved her life. She shows up at the Radwell family Thanksgiving to try winning Chad with her fake pregnancy. Yes, this was all very funny, but this story went nowhere. (I’m also going to ignore how Chanel and Hester left the Radwell compound in the Hamptons and wound up back in Ohio or wherever this school is before they had even finished cooking the turkey.) After enduring the most hilarious and sadistic game of Pictionary I have ever witnessed, the two girls decide that they’re over the Radwells and return to campus, where Chad came to join them and get back together with Chanel once again. Oh, hey, wait. Since Chanel wasn’t around, does that mean she can’t possibly be the Red Devil killer? Oh, that’s no fun.

A Collection of Funny Lines Taken Completely Out of Context:

  • “Gravity killed Hester, I just gave her a little push.”
  • “It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the whir of a small motor cutting through flesh.”
  • “All Chicken Cacciatore is Italian-style!”
  • “You brought home not one, two gold-digging hoochies.”
  • “I wait a week or two between movements, so sometimes it can be an intense workout.”
  • “It tastes like Henry VIII just barfed in my mouth.”
  • “She looks like an ostrich-hide purse from last season that taught itself how to talk.”
  • “I’m delegating tasks. That’s the most important job there is.”

Scream Queens Recap: Head of the Table