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Why You Won’t See a Sequel to The Peanuts Movie Anytime Soon

The Peanuts Movie. Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

It’s rare that a major studio film comes out these days without being part of a barrage of sequels and spin-offs pre-planned into the 2020s. And so it’s small, welcome news to hear Jean Schulz, widow of Charles, tell the Wrap that there are currently no plans for a sequel to The Peanuts Movie, despite the film’s box-office success. “This one took eight years [to make],” Schulz said when asked about the prospects for a second movie. “So maybe we’ll talk again then.” It’s nothing personal, though: Schulz praised the filmmakers’ “care and effort,” and said her husband would have been “proud” of the film. Still, since Fox only had the rights to make one Peanuts film, it seems we won’t be getting The Peanuts Movie: Origins — Pigpen’s Revenge anytime soon.

No Second Peanuts Movie Coming Anytime Soon