Busta Rhymes, Muscle Milk, Star in Leaked Gym Video

Back in August, Busta Rhymes was arrested for assaulting a gym employee in a protein-shake-throwing rage. (He later pleaded the charge down to harassment.) Now, “Page Six” has security video of the incident, which employee Ole Hernandez says was spurred by his refusal to let Rhymes enter the gym after the rapper used racial slurs against him the previous day. Just like the Zapruder film, the video poses more questions than it answers, but it does clear up the controversial matter of exactly which brand of protein shake Rhymes used as a projectile against the unfortunate Hernandez. The Times says Muscle Milk, “Page Six” says Lean Body — and the video shows Rhymes throwing what looks unmistakably like a bottle of Muscle Milk. More like Busted Rhymes!

See Video of Busta Rhymes’ Gym Assault