Seinfeld Cast Members Send In-Character Videos to Terminally Ill Fan

Of course J. Peterman would evangelize the bikini-waxing tribes of Papua New Guinea. Of course Puddy would eat a pound of M&Ms to see if his scale is working. Of course Newman would attend a dying man’s birthday party for the cakeAccording to the Daily Dot, James Calder contacted the cast through social media and successfully wrangled some birthday wishes for his Seinfeld fan father, Jim, early this month. Calder has since died of lung cancer. While Julia Louis-Dreyfus delivered a heartfelt message as herself, John O’Hurley, Patrick Warburton, Wayne Knight, and a host of other amazing Seinfeld weirdos filmed themselves in character. Taken as a whole … this is some season-five-level stuff, guys. If there is a better gift for a superfan, I have no idea what it could be.

Seinfeld Cast Send Videos to Terminally Ill Fan