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The Winners and Losers of Shondaland’s Midseason Finales

Don’t get too attached, Bailey. That guy’s about to die. Photo: Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Last night’s “TGIT” Shondaland bloc offered up its fall finales, and they were a real grab-bag of screaming, crying, fighting, dying, aborting, shooting, kissing, and uncovering secrets. And cliff-hangers, of course. Who won and who lost on Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder? Let’s take a gander.


Grey’s Anatomy fans: This has been a banner year for GA, against all odds. Maybe killing off McDreamy was for the best after all. Meredith’s showdown with Amelia (literal Satan) was the moment the show had been waiting for for months: “You are not my sister. Cristina is my sister”? Come on! That’s Shondaland gold! The burn guy dying, the fight between April and Jackson, even Arizona relying on Webber to be her wingman — it all feels like classic Grey’s.

Cristina Yang from Grey’s: Even in absentia, she’s still the best.

Planned Parenthood: Mellie did a whole filibuster, just for them. (Next time … maybe just have Wendy Davis guest-star?) Plus, knowing how volatile and fraught Olivia and Fitz’s relationship is, who could argue that she should carry that pregnancy to term? No one.

Bonnie on HTGAWM: Bonnie is extremely good at getting away with murder.

That lady who wanted cookies on Scandal: Hey, a good cookie’s a good cookie.

Papa Pope on Scandal: The man is invincible. No matter how many people want to kill him, and have the opportunities to do so, no one ever does. Everything’s coming up Rowan/Eli this Christmas.

Laurel’s eyebrows on HTGAWM: Laurel herself is human turkey sandwich — fine enough, but who cares? — but her eyebrows remain legit.

Wes on HTGAWM: Well, he’s been wanting to shoot Annalise for a long time, and now he got his chance.

Maggie on Grey’s Anatomy: She’s the best new character since McSteamy, and now she has a cutie boyfriend who’s super into her. Team Maggie.

Asher on HTGAWM: Welcome to the murderer club, Asher.


Olitz fans Oh God, this again? These two can scream with the best of them, but this is just getting exhausting.

Susan, the VP on Scandal: You deserve better than David Rosen’s regifting, Susan! This show is in dire need of some lighter fare, and maybe a legit Susan romance would do it.

Abby on Scandal: When is the last time Abby had her own story line? It’s been a while.

Amelia on Grey’s Anatomy: Oh, we’re gonna watch her fall off the wagon for the next several episodes? Get out of here, Amelia.

Jo on Grey’s Anatomy: Maybe go with Amelia. Alex’s proposal was just him covering his ass, and the truth is he’d ditch Jo in a heartbeat to help Meredith.

Everyone’s law-school education on HTGAWM: Don’t they have other classes and other professors? Good luck at bar prep, murderers.

“Christophe” on HTGAWM: Well, at least Annalise’s overintimacy with Wes is starting to make a little more sense? This makes Wes both a winner and a loser, which evens out to Wes’s true value of actual nothingness.

The Winners & Losers of Last Night’s Shondaland