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Snowpiercer Is Becoming a TV Show, Because That’s One Train Ride That’ll Never End

They’re back? Photo: RADiUS/TWC

More exciting news for Bong Joon-ho: A day after his next film was backed by Brad Pitt and Netflix, his last is headed to TV. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Snowpiercer is being adapted for TV by War of the Worlds writer Josh Friedman, with Joon-ho executive-producing. Friedman will write the script for the show, based on Joon-ho’s 2013 English-language debut about the only survivors of another Ice Age who live on a moving train divided by an oppressive hierarchy, which was itself based on the 1982 sci-fi graphic novel Le Transperceneige. Snowpiercer became an acclaimed sleeper-hit when it was released on VOD last year. Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton starred in the film, but it’s unclear whether or not they’ll be involved with the show à la Bradley Cooper on CBS’s Limitless. (Spoiler: Most of their fates were pretty much sealed by the film’s end.) All aboard another dystopian nightmare!

Snowpiercer Is Becoming a TV Show