sony hack

Despite Sony Hack, People Are Apparently Still Sending Dumb Emails

Business as usual.

It’s been one year since hackers laid ruin to Sony by shutting down their systems and leaking private emails, salary figures, and unreleased films. In an investigation of what has happened since the leak, Slate reports that for the higher-ups, not that much has changed, actually. “Nothing changed. Nothing at all,” said Michael Lynton, the CEO of Sony Entertainment. “I still regularly see emails that make me say, ‘Really? We went through this for a year, and you’re still sending this?’ The technology is so compelling that — for whatever reason — people are still sending me emails that they would very much not like to see show up in another venue.” But this was in keeping with what other employees also said. “For many of the higher-ups, it’s like it never happened,” one employee said. “They’re very much in tune with the imperative from Sony to move on.” What’s that quote about people who forget history?

Sony CEO After Hack: ‘Nothing Changed’