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South Park Said F*ck the Police and Put Hula Skirts on Officers Last Night

Forget snooty Yelpers. Really bad things are finally starting to happen in South Park: Last night, the progressive, p.c. town exploded with an outbreak of drug-addicted vagrants, scary-or-gay ninja ISIS warriors, and an utterly useless (if corruptly aggressive) police force.

At the center of the episode was Officer Barbrady and excessive violence against unarmed minorities, the show’s absurd vehicle for critiquing both the offenders and critics of very real police brutality. And what better way to start their dialogue than with N.W.A’s “Fuck Tha Police”? Well:

As officers began practicing hula dances and the mayhem only continued, that became the point: There has to be a more productive way to have these conversations and hold people accountable in real life. (Also, what a cliff-hanger!) Watch the whole episode here.

South Park Said F*ck the Police Last Night