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A War Is Brewing in South Park — Just Not the Kind You’re Thinking Of

Tensions bubbling beneath South Park’s progressive surface are coming to a boil, thanks to Jimmy’s steadfast belief this week in free speech and local, ad-free journalism — the latter of which floored the town and P.C. Principal.

P.C. Principal mainly took issue with the young editor’s flippant publishing of the word retarded in his school’s paper. On the surface, it might’ve seemed like a minor conflict, but as Nathan revealed, something far bigger than social issues is at work — a war that will unfold in the coming weeks:

What exactly will happen is unclear, but if last night’s pure setup of an episode is any indication, this coming war will involve sponsored content, the PCs, ex-newsmen, Nathan, Officer Barbrady, Mr. Garrison, Caitlyn Jenner, and Geico, among many of the other people and things that have cropped up in the town lately. And it won’t be as contained as something like “Imaginationland.”

Which, again, might lead you to believe that SP’s most continuous season yet has all been one long, extended joke or argument. Watch this week’s whole episode here.

A War Brews in South Park