‘Speakeasy’ Returns Next Week with New Host Russell Peters

Back in June, Paul F. Tompkins made the sad announcement that he was “retiring” from his Made Man web series Speakeasy, but apparently that didn’t mean that the web series was retiring too. Today, Made Man posted a trailer for the new season of Speakeasy that reveals they’re continuing with the show with the help of a brand new host: Russell Peters. It’s kind of weird! The charm of Speakeasy was how perfectly matched the set and format were for Tompkins’s classy style and interviewing skills, so to see it passed along to a new host is, for Speakeasy fans, a little jarring. Who knows though – maybe Peters will be great? In any case, Tompkins is slated to show up as a guest in the new season, where he will officially pass the baton to the new host. The new season premieres next Monday, November 16th. In the meantime, check out some of the best Tompkins-era Speakeasy episodes here.

‘Speakeasy’ Returns Next Week with New Host Russell […]