Stephen Colbert Calls Butterball’s Turkey Talk-Line for Some Turkey Cooking Tips

During the month of November, Butterball offers its customers a free hotline for turkey cooking tips, so during last night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert decided to call up Butterball’s turkey experts to give them some work before things get busy on Thanksgiving Day. Colbert doesn’t get as many turkey tips from the five experts on the other end of the line as much as he reveals some of his darker turkey-related issues: “Here’s how I prepare my turkey: I have deep, unresolved feelings of rage, and they come out when I baste the turkey. I do what I call hate-basting, where I just jab it with the baster and pretend it’s the face of people who have wronged me. Here’s my question: Will that flavor come out in the turkey?” Watch part 2 of the segment below:

Stephen Colbert Calls Butterball’s Turkey Talk-Line […]