Stephen Colbert Knows What a Lightsaber Is, George Lucas

Stephen Colbert had a message for George Lucas last night, and oddly enough, it was the same message your mom angrily yelled at you in the minivan when you acted like The Phantom Menace was the first Star Wars movie ever made: I know what a lightsaber is, dammit!

In what must have been the most embarrassing moment in the Star Wars superfan’s life, Colbert’s use of the term laser sword before a Colbert interview was apparently mistaken by George Lucas as an adorable dadlike malapropism, rather than an insider-y reference to Lucas’s use of the phrase in his original proto–Star Wars screenplay. The incident has been gnawing away at Colbert’s psyche for years, but on the bright side, it was mighty decent of George to try to spare him the humiliation of saying the wrong word on air. “Poor bastard. Probably thinks we’re talking about Star Trek. If he asks me about Captain Kirk, I’ll just fake an asthma attack. Don’t want to see him embarrass himself.”

Stephen Colbert Knows What a Lightsaber Is