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Stephen Colbert Explains Why Everything You’re Doing to Stand With France Is Totally Fine — Even Watching Ratatouille

In the wake of Friday’s terror attacks in Paris, social media has been deluged with sympathizers doing anything they can think of to show their support for the people of France — posting photos of the Eiffel Tower, changing their profile picture to one of the French flag, watching the classic French New Wave film Ratatouille. It may be meaningless, but as Stephen Colbert explained on his Late Show monologue Monday night, that’s okay. As he sees it, the bar for being a good person in the aftermath of tragedy is shockingly low: “Anything that is an attempt at human connection in the world is positive. Did you get up this morning and not try to kill someone? Then you’re on the right side.”

Stephen Colbert Stands With France in Monologue