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Stephenie Meyer Developing a Hulu Series; Oh, You Know There’ll Be Vampires In It

Photo: Parisa/Corbis

After the success of the Twilight film franchise, Stephenie Meyer will be partnering once again with Lionsgate, the studio revealed on its morning call with analysts. The Twilight author will executive-produce The Rook, a new hour-long show for Hulu and a yet-to-be-named British network, which will almost certainly contain between one and one million vampires. Based on Daniel O’Malley’s 2012 novel of the same name, The Rook follows the adventures of a female investigator working for a British agency charged with investigating supernatural goings-on, such as — and this is just us spitballing here — a nonstop barrage of hot, sexy vampires.

Stephenie Meyer Working on TV Series for Hulu