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Taylor Swift Talking to Alessia Cara About ‘Here’ Is Every Older Sister Interrogating Her Younger Sister About a Party

Nineteen-year-old Alessia Cara found her way to our hearts with “Here,” her down-tempo single about a terrible party, and thus, like any rising star between the ages of 12 and 72, has also found her way into the patronage of Taylor Swift. As such, Swift’s interview with Cara (whom she brought on to perform at one of her shows) provides an example of older-sister model Taylor at her finest, a precision combination of approachable and intimidating; chatty best friend and disappointed head of the sorority; Elle Woods out of the courtroom and Elle Woods in the courtroom. “Oh my god, who did you make out with?” Taylor might say after arriving at 2 a.m. to pick up Cara from a house party. But, after the two of them get back to the car, she’d definitely drop the act and get real: “I’m not going to tell mom and dad. But I’m also not going to forget this.”

Taylor Swift Has Gone Full Older Sister