The Entire ‘Saturday Night Live’ Library Is Headed to Seeso Next Year

If you’re an SNL fan who likes to watch old episodes in their entirety, you’ve probably been bummed since most of the SNL library disappeared from Netflix back in December 2013. Thankfully, now we finally know that all those SNL episodes disappeared to move to their new home: NBC’s streaming comedy service Seeso, which is due to launch early next year. NBC previously announced that late night shows like SNL, The Tonight Show, and Late Night would be included in the service, and today Seeso confirmed with us that means the entire SNL archives – with all episodes unedited, not counting musical guest performances – will all be available. Musical performances from new SNL episodes will also run on Seeso for the first year after their original air date, after which they’ll be edited out. In any case, it’s nice to know that classic SNL binge-watching will finally be possible again in just a few months.

The Entire ‘Saturday Night Live’ Library Is Headed to […]