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This Was the Worst Domestic Box Office Weekend of 2015

This week, Spectre killed overseas records like James Bond kills nameless Cold War–era henchmen. As Box Office Mojo reports, Spectre broke records in:

…the Netherlands, where Spectre took in 3.3 million Euro ($3.7 million USD), surpassing the record set by Skyfall. In the Nordic region, Spectre set records in Finland and Norway with 2.35 million Euro ($2.63 million USD) and 24.4 million krone ($2.88 million USD) respectively. In Denmark it achieved the biggest three-day opening of all time with 28.1 million krone ($4.21 million USD), also surpassing Skyfall. In Sweden it added another 24.95 million krone ($2.97 million USD), 30% over the opening of Skyfall.

It also has the best seven-day gross in the UK with $63.8 million USD. That’s awesome for James Bond, but stateside, the box office was a lot less debonair. Ridley Scott’s The Martian came in first, adding $11.4 million to its cume for a total of $182.8 million (it’s now $4.8 million shy of being Scott’s highest-grossing film, domestically). Goosebumps came in second with $10.2 million, putting it at $57.1 million on an approx. $58 million budget so far. Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies came in third with $8 million, which makes this week’s top three identical to last week’s. Hotel Transylvania keeps it teeth sunk into moviegoers’ necks with another $5.8 million ($156 million total), while Bradley Cooper has his second flop of the year with Burnt, also known as the movie with the most banal poster of all time, which made $5 million (the much-maligned Aloha made $9 million). Sandra Bullock had her worst wide release opening ever with Our Brand is Crisis, which managed a paltry $3.4 million this weekend. Basically everyone but James Bond had a very bad Halloween weekend, at least except those wearing costumes in real life.

This Was the Worst Box Office Weekend of 2015