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Tom Hanks Says He’s Recording His Lines for Toy Story 4, Which Comes Out in 2018

“So, uh, how long is this gonna take?” Al McWiggin asks in Toy Story 2. “You can’t rush art,” replies Geri the Cleaner. That seems to be what the producers of the Toy Story films think, as it took them 11 years to make Toy Story 3, and it was totally worth it. Now, five years later, Tom Hanks has some big news that was also worth the wait. While speaking with Graham Norton (as well as Peter Capaldi — why hasn’t anyone made a buddy comedy with Tom Hanks and Peter Capaldi yet?), Hanks said, very matter-of-factly, almost as an aside, that he’s recording his lines for Toy Story 4, and the film will be out in 2018. More specifically, he has a recording session on December 2. Watch the video below, in which Hanks impersonates an excited child as well as the excited child’s mother, and shares a story of the time he told off a Disney lawyer. To 2018 … and beyond!

Tom Hanks Is Recording His Lines for Toy Story 4