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Were You Afraid That Marlon Wayans’s Fifty Shades of Black Wouldn’t Parody Magic Mike XXL? Then Let the Uncensored Trailer Those Fears Relieve

The most Marlon Wayansiest thing has happened: Marlon Wayans has made a Fifty Shades of Grey parody, Fifty Shades of Black. (No word on what that super-vague title refers to yet — we’re just surprised it’s not 69 Shades of Black.) Other than Kali Hawk repeatedly getting her head stuck between elevator doors, this movie actually looks way sexier than the original. Wayans isn’t a self-serious monster; Hawk is not instantly scandalized by all things, and as the last ten seconds of the first trailer show below, these two actually have chemistry. Our inner goddess is … laughing?

See the Uncensored Fifty Shades of Black Trailer