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Donald Trump, Man of Tremendous Restraint, Doesn’t Want to Do Anything ‘Too Risqué’ on SNL

Donald Trump's
Photo: Janet Mayer/Corbis

To buttress his current position atop one Iowa poll, presidential candidate and man of tremendous linguistic eloquence Donald Trump admitted that he nixed some of the more “risqué” Saturday Night Live sketch ideas while speaking with Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly on Friday. One dares to wonder what Trump, the man who wants to build a literal wall to keep Mexican rapists from storming into the United States, would consider “too risqué.” Trump said, “Well, look, we all agree, Lorne Michaels is terrific,” and “they have 100 writers.” (They don’t.) “I walk into the room, there are 100 — and they’re all about 17 years old, OK? They’re all young and all up in your face. But they come up with many, many skits and you pick the ones you think you like.”

“I’m leading in Iowa, I want to stay leading in Iowa,” the suddenly risk-averse candidate explained. Nonetheless, Trump also said that they had some “terrific” skits lined up and that “some” of the show was going to be great. (Presumably the parts that aren’t interrupted by heckler infiltrators.)

Trump Doesn’t Want to Be ‘Too Risqué’ on SNL