‘Truth or Myth with Smith’ Returned Last Night After a Year Away

It’s been quite a while since we heard from Smith, the stuffy public access producer who sabotaged The Chris Gethard Show last year and took over Gethard’s time slot a month later to air his own show Truth or Myth with Smith. Well, not exactly; since Gethard’s show moved to Fusion, Brett Davis – a New York-based comedian who counts Smith among his many characters – has been airing his own public access show The Special without Brett Davis, and this week’s episode saw the glorious return of Smith’s 9/11-truthing, alien and demon-believing, secret society-unveiling, zinc-promoting show. Alongside his panel of experts (including a confused presidential candidate running as part of the “Business Casual Party”), Smith unloads truth bomb after truth bomb throughout the show and warns viewers about a brewing war between two different cults – The Great Brightness and The Great Darkness. Here are some cult leaders to be aware of, according to Smith:

Also, aliens do exist, in case you were wondering:

If you’ve got an hour to kill and want to spend it learning about cults, secret societies, ghost dolls that also provide spotty wifi, and the benefits of zinc, definitely give the second episode of Truth or Myth with Smith a watch. Check out the first episode here, then read our interview with Davis about his public access show here.

‘Truth or Myth with Smith’ Returned Last Night After a […]