Hello, Adele Killing ‘Hello’ Live at the NRJ Awards

Last week, the BBC gave us a cheeky tease of Adele performing “Hello” for the first time. Fans everywhere fainted at the mere sound of Adele singing anything live (she hasn’t performed since singing “Skyfall” at the 2013 Oscars), and now she’s given us even more to get excited about: At Saturday night’s NRJ Awards (France’s music awards), Adele performed “Hello” for the first time on live TV, and you don’t have to wait to watch the full thing. She sounds wonderful, but even better? Adele adorably saying “merci beaucoup” to the crowd at the end, which will make you want her to start the song over and sing it in French. Someone make this happen!

Watch Adele Perform ‘Hello’ at the NRJ Awards