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Amy Schumer and Bill Hader Have a Baby in This Alternate Ending for Trainwreck (It’s Not Theirs!)

True to form, Judd Apatow shot a number of different endings for Trainwreck. Remember how The 40-Year-Old Virgin had like 14 endings? That was intentional! “It could have ended when [Steve Carell] admitted to Catherine Keener that he was a virgin. It also could have ended after the wedding, before we see him have sex for the first time. We decided to go with all of it!” Apatow said to EW. For Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck, he also had a few endings in his back pocket. This clip, available on the DVD coming out on Tuesday, has Schumer and Hader playing out the procreative version of a rom-com. “I usually have a few final scenes shot, and I’m aware that the movie could end at one of two or three places,” Apatow said. “The moment where [Schumer and Bill Hader] talk and kiss after the cheerleading sequence was so great that we knew we couldn’t top it. But it is always wise to shoot something with a baby. Who hates a movie that ends with a baby? Just Darth Vader.”

Watch Alternate Ending for Schumer’s Trainwreck