bend it like beckham

Watch David Beckham Bend Things, Provide an Astonishingly Literal Understanding of His Celebrity

There is much to love about this soothing video, which is either a new high or new low for silly celebrity videos (we can’t decide). First: The fact that after crowning David Beckham 2015’s Sexiest Man Alive, People decided to confirm said sexiness by have him do a bit on a decades-old catchphrase that inspired the title of a 2002 movie in which he did not appear. Second: Even though his agent probably negotiated every detail of this clip, Beckham seems just as confused as you are as to why people are handing him household objects and asking him to bend them. Third: He gives a boyishly enthusiastic grin when he manages to bend a golf club — which is not a difficult task — and then tries to pass off his accomplishment with the total Britishism, “waste of a golf club,” while you can tell he’s thinking, “I did it! On camera! Posh will be so proud.”

Watch David Beckham Bend Things