Future Swears He’s Single, But Here He Is Making Out With Blac Chyna in His New Video Anyway

Not long ago, Blac Chyna — model, entertainer, mother of Tyga’s son — got Future’s name tattooed on her hand after being pictured out and about with the rapper. Future responded, like all proud boyfriends do, by tweeting that he’s “single and focusing on what makes me happy.” Chyna removed the photo of her tattoo from Instagram and claimed it was fake. Well, today Future released his video for “Rich $ex,” and whaddya know, it features the two of them making out a ton. That’s a whole lot of disgusting tongue action for two people who swear they aren’t dating.

But we think we see what’s going on here: Chyna has spent the better part of the last year being publicly humiliated by her ex Tyga, who left her and their son for the then-underage Kylie Jenner. Since turning 18, Kylie has been featured in a couple of Tyga’s videos, flaunting their relationship for the masses. Chyna’s mocked the famous teen for months on Instagram, even having her BFF Amber Rose trash-talk all the Kardashians on her behalf. But how do you get the last laugh? Hook up with someone considerably more famous — Future’s two albums this year went No. 1, while Tyga’s flopped — and rub it in your ex’s face. On his birthday, at that. Well done, Chyna.

Watch Future’s ‘Rich $ex’ Video With Blac Chyna