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Justin Bieber Serenaded Selena Gomez With ‘My Girl’ at a Hotel Bar Like They’re in the Third Act of a Rom-Com

Okay, here’s my pitch for a romantic comedy: The boy’s a famous pop star. The girl’s also a famous pop star. They fight. They make up. Things get serious again. They break up. One day, in a romantic gesture, he admits that he’s still open to a relationship with her, telling Ellen Degeneres, “We have a lot of history together.” A few weeks later, he runs into her and, knowing that this is his last chance, breaks into “My Girl” at a hotel bar (video courtesy of Instagram and TMZ) to prove that he still has feelings for her. It Wasn’t Too Late to Say I’m Sorry Now is going to be the highest-grossing movie with a subplot about paparazzi penis photos ever.

Watch Justin Bieber Serenade Selena Gomez