Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Piece By Piece’ Video Is the Sweetest Early (or Belated) Mother’s Day Present

Moms can be so awesome. They turn into human incubators for nearly a year, just to give you a safe space while you’re still cooking. And then they endure torturous pain to bring you into this world, all so they can spend the rest of their lives making immeasurable sacrifices to make sure you feel loved. Kelly Clarkson is one of those superhero moms, and her video for “Piece By Piece” — which itself is a song that reflects on her absentee dad and the joy of finally finding a husband who shows her what a real man looks like — celebrates other women and moms like her. It’s simple: Black-and-white and mostly just close-ups of Kelly singing her heart out while a few pregnant women are surrounded by twinkling lights. But it’s that kind of quiet strength that makes moms (and all women, really) such powerful forces. Kelly’s pregnant with her second child right now, and she ends the video beautifully embracing her daughter River Rose. As if we weren’t already crying.

Watch Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Piece By Piece’ Video