Psy Is Still Doing Lots of Coordinated Flailing in His New Music Videos ‘Daddy’ and ‘Napal Baji’

Three years after “Gangnam Style,” Korean comic pop star Psy has released his seventh album, Chiljib Psy-da, his first since his crossover K-Pop hit. (It’s a pun on the soda brand Chilsung Cider.) To celebrate, he’s released two music videos off the album, “Daddy” and “Bellbottoms” — napal baji in anglicized Korean — and they’re both classic Psy: lots of energy, a love for vaudevillian comedy, and what can best be described as a kind of highly coordinated flailing. Following the release of her own solo single, “Hello Bitches,” fellow K-Pop star CL gives a boost by making an appearance in “Daddy” (they share the same parent company, YG), but it’s really the second, “Napal Baji,” that’ll get you grooving with its throwback sound.

Here’s “Daddy”:

Watch Psy’s New Music Video ‘Daddy’ Starring CL