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Ryan Reynolds, in Deadpool Makeup, Impersonates Hugh Jackman’s Sexy Australian Accent

Photo: Marvel, Getty Images

Beneath his vulgar, sardonic shell, Deadpool seems like a pretty swell guy. (He leads master classes in superheros and trick-or-treats with unsuspecting children, after all.) So on the set of Deadpool, where he’s currently in the midst of reshoots, Ryan Reynolds took some time out of his schedule to send a cheeky little video to a fellow crime-fighting brother in the Fox superhero universe: Hugh Jackman. In his fully grotesque Deadpool makeup, of course (who else could pull off that very chic “topographical map of Utah” look so well?). He just wants to ensure his friend wins People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” again! Aw! And Jackman, the good mate that he is, tweeted the video out. Turns out, he really does want that cover.

Watch Reynolds Mock Jackman in Deadpool Make-up