Sia’s ‘Alive’ Video Stars Another Ridiculously Talented Kid

Sia has found her formula for success, and she’s sticking to it: Her new video for “Alive” (the song she originally wrote for Adele) stars yet another Über-talented kid in place of Sia. And once again, this kid is wearing Sia’s wig, except now that wig is more Cruella de Vil–inspired. Instead of the contemporary dance we got used to seeing from Sia’s mini-me, Maddie Ziegler, this video stars a kid trained in martial arts. But it’s almost the exact same premise of her “Chandelier” video: a practically abandoned room, a small child doing Sia’s work, and lots of focus on movement. If Sia’s following the pattern of her last album, expect to see a lot more of this new kid.

Watch Sia’s ‘Alive’ Video, Starring Another Kid