Watch Simon Pegg’s Blind Date Go Bad (or Good?)

If you’re reading this, we can safely presume that right now you are not on a blind date with Simon Pegg. (And if you are … girl, get off your phone! It’s rude, and he’s sitting right there!) You’ve got that in common with Lake Bell, then, though in this exclusive clip from their new rom-com Man Up (out November 13 in Los Angeles and New York), Pegg makes the mistake of thinking that Bell is the woman he’s meant to meet up with. After all, she’s standing in the agreed-upon place at the agreed-upon time, doing the agreed-upon things … and Bell hardly gets the chance to correct him, since her very presence sends Pegg into torrents of nervous getting-to-know-you monologuing. By the end of it, though, Bell decides to give the antic Pegg a chance, and you might, too, if you could just put your phone down and let him woo you right now. (He brought flowers!)