Weezer Already Released Another Single, ‘Do You Wanna Get High?’

There’s significantly less cannoli in Weezer’s latest single, which deals with a different kind of vice and might remind you of the crew’s older sonic sensibility. “‘Do You Wanna Get High?’ sounds like it’s a really yucky and intentionally uncomfortable portrayal of the addict’s life,” Rivers Cuomo wrote on Facebook, of the band’s second release in as many weeks. “There’s nothing sexy, fun or funny about it, and it’s cruising along doing its thing, when, Whoa Hey what is this sweet little bridge thing? Suddenly the song is sunny and sweet and in my mind, creatively this is when the high kicks in — suddenly everything is lovely and dreamy (and not the gritty reality of the rest of the song).” So there:

Rolling Stone points out that despite the recent surge in new material, details of an album are still nebulous: “We don’t have a record deal anymore so we’re kind of on the loose and experimenting and nobody’s in charge anymore,” Cuomo told Zane Lowe and Beats 1 radio, which premiered “High,” on Tuesday. “We’re just doing what we want to do.” Which includes shows next month — a.k.a. early Christmas presents to those in NorCal, Wisconsin, and Missouri — because, like 2004 Oprah, 2015 Weezer is very unpredictable, but very generous.

Weezer Already Released Another Single