45 of Our Favorite Late Night Clips of 2015

2015 was another big year in the world of late night. Jon Stewart and David Letterman both said farewell to their longtime late night posts while James Corden, Stephen Colbert, and Trevor Noah made their big debuts. Given the sheer number of late night shows that aired this year – and thanks to Samantha Bee, we’ll finally get a woman late night host in 2016 – there’s been an overload of great interviews, sketches, character bits, and news coverage from every corner of the TV landscape, so we’ve rounded up 45 clips as a look back at some of our favorite late night moments of the year. In no particular order:

Paul Rudd Keeps the Mac and Me Tradition Alive on Conan

Kristen Wiig Debuts the First Crying in a Sweater Trailer on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Will Ferrell Visits Late Show as Harry Caray

Late Night’s Conner O’Malley Disguises Himself as an Entourage Superfan in Queens

Hasan Minhaj Heads to Oregon to Meet Sugar Bob the Stoned Deer

Paul Rudd Finally Soaks His David Letterman Fan Club Sponge

Will Ferrell Makes the Perfect Little Debbie Snack Cakes Spokesman

Conan O’Brien Visits Armenia

Conan O’Brien Visits Cuba

The Daily Show Turns a Long-Running Inside Joke into a Reality

Tina Fey Gives David Letterman Her Last Fancy Talk Show Dress

Norm Macdonald’s Final Letterman Appearance Was Perfect

Chris Elliott Makes His Final Late Show Appearance

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Tearful, Heartfelt Tribute to David Letterman

David Letterman Makes His Late Show Farewell

Bill Hader Shows Off His Perfect Conan O’Brien Impression

Tracy Morgan Gives Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo a Tour of the Bronx Zoo

Bob Odenkirk Knows How to Make Authentic Cinnabons

Larry Wilmore Has a Diner Date with Rival Baltimore Gang Members

Last Week Tonight Made a Star-Studded Sex Education Video That’s Actually Helpful

Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel Attempt to End Their Feud Through Couples Therapy

James Corden Films The Late Late Show in a Stranger’s House

Amy Poehler Reunites with Seth Meyers for a Brand New “Really!?!” Segment

Will Forte Makes His Glorious Return to Conan as Ted Turner

Jimmy Kimmel Sends Hannibal Buress to the Nosebleed Section at the NBA Finals

Larry Wilmore and Bernie Sanders Eat Soul Food and Talk Democratic Socialism

Ellen Page Shares Her Conan Standup Audition Tape

Seth Meyers and His Mom Go Day Drinking

Thomas Middleditch, Conan, and Andy Play “Hey, Fred Schneider, What Are You Doing?”

Colorado Valedictorian Evan Young Gives His Banned Graduation Speech on The Nightly Show

Watch Jessica Williams Interview a Fetus Lawyer from Alabama

John Oliver Travels to Russia to Talk Dick Pics with Edward Snowden

The Late Late Show Got Weird Again Thanks to Guest Host Adam Pally

Jon Stewart Says Goodbye to The Daily Show

John Cleese Once Tried to Cheer Up His Mom by Offering to Kill Her

Stephen Colbert Takes the Myers–Briggs Personality Test

Harrison Ford Is a Total Delight on The Tonight Show

Chris Hardwick Hosts a Jimmy Kimmel Live Mid-Show Recap Show

Larry Wilmore’s Goodnight Slavery Teaches Kids What Their Textbooks Leave Out

John Oliver Creates His Very Own Tax-Exempt Religion

Aziz Ansari Calls Out The Late Show’s Lack of Diversity: “There Are a Lot of White Guys Back There”

Will Ferrell Is Tired of Answering Personal Questions About His Bird

Nathan Fielder Describes His Ultimate Italian Vacation Fantasy

Brian Stack Visits Conan O’Brien as The Interrupter One Last Time

45 of Our Favorite Late Night Clips of 2015