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My Friend 50 Is a New Fox Sitcom About 50 Cent, Not About Another Guy Named 50

JCPenney and Michael Strahan Launch Collection by Michael Strahan
50 Cent, your friend. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

50 Cent will do more than just escort you to a candy shop: He’s now going to executive-produce and have a recurring role in a new Fox single-camera series, My Friend 50. Good thing his name is 50! Otherwise who knows who would have gotten the part. The show follows Amanda Kramer, an unstable 20-something who thinks that joining 50 Cent’s entourage will solve all her problems. My guess is it might also create some problems. Amanda, don’t you know about the bankruptcy and sex-tape suit?! Read the news! Ah, well. Amanda, ya goofball.

50 Cent Produces New Fox Comedy My Friend 50