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Poor Adam Driver Couldn’t See in That ‘Terrible’ Kylo Ren Mask

Break out the world’s smallest space violin for Adam Driver, who may have gotten the coolest lightsaber in The Force Awakens, but was also stuck with the worst headgear. In an interview on Conan, Driver revealed that he could barely see out of his mask on set, making Kylo Ren sound a lot less scary and a lot more like a dog stumbling in one of those cone collars. “What you don’t see [in the movies] is one Stormtrooper just talking to a wall because he thinks it’s a person,” Driver joked. Plus, he didn’t get much help from his interview partner and former “Please Mr. Kennedy” collaborator, Oscar Isaac, who revealed that, in addition to wearing a terrible mask, Driver was told to adjust the Kylo Ren voice he’d been practicing for months. Poor Adam, always suffering.

Adam Driver: Kylo Ren Mask Was ‘Terrible’